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What Platform To Start From: IOS Or Android?

Almost 90% of US smartphone market uses Android and iOS platforms. While these are the most powerful platforms, sometimes the decision must be made between these two spy quad reviews platforms. Therefore, every mobile application development agency should know all fundamental Android and iOS differences in order to choose the best platform to work with.

According to JatApp experts, the share spy reviews family of Android on market is larger than iPhone’s. Still, the market share is not so significant when you are planning to have a successful app developed for you. In such case, the main advantages of the platforms remains to be the most important issue.

Android and iPhone user’s characteristics

Users’ base is one of the key features that every reputable mobile application development agency must take into consideration. According to statistics, iPhone users are slightly younger than Android ones. In addition, they attract more attention in the terms of household income. While the quantity of Android users that generate $100,000+ income spy stealth reviews reaches 24%, iPhone users have 40%.

User’s mobile content engagement

As stated by JatApp experts, the way users interact with mobile content differs Android and iPhone users much. iPhone users are often called “power users” due to their ability to be engaged in all key spy app reviews content categories. Meantime, Android platform has the bigger number of media users involved in every category. This difference push every mobile application development agency to his explanation at http://spy-reviews.com/ careful considerations about whether users’ engagement is more vital than the number of media users. JatApp experts advise developers to think cleverly on whether spy birdhouse reviews they need more users or the users who engage more often. The answer on this question can define the entire further process of mobile app strategy development.

Android and iPhone users & M-commerce

The development of m-commerce continues to be an important mobile trend. It is no longer a novelty that people often use their smartphones to make purchases. This type of commerce is more typical for iPhone users spy kash reviews than Android ones. For retail app developers and companies who seek to monetize their apps, it is a crucial feature.

Brand loyalty and device satisfaction

Brand loyalty and device satisfaction are quite important factors every mobile application development agency must pay its attention to, as it differs Android and spy mobile reviews android iPhone in many ways. iPhone users highly appreciate their devices and tend to use the platform for a long time. More than 60% of iPhone users are satisfied with their devices, and over 80% were owners of iPhone devices formerly. Android has only 48% of highly satisfied users. In the same time, with Android phone’s hardware spy tank reviews being not Google-branded, Android platform has its branding advantage that provides higher brand loyalty.


The most important issues to think through

Being two leading platforms Android and iPhone has its own useful characteristics and advantages. While Android remains to be a leader in market share, every mobile application development agency can get bigger spy 1 dollar reviews audience working on this platform. In the same time, iPhone is more attractive platform for those who mobile spy monitor look for users more engaged in mobile media and m-commerce. Every developer must look through all the differences and advantages of both platform to reach a conclusion about what platform will be the best option review spy alley game. It all mostly depends on nature of the audience, user type, engagement and possibilities for m-commerce.

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